El Nido Palawan Miniloc or Lagen Island Resort

minilocPicture from El Nido Resorts


It felt like a true blessing to bask under the sun while our jaws dropped as we witnessed the magnificent view of El Nido Palawan.  We stayed at Miniloc Island Resort for a RejuVacation experience last Febuary 2016. I can honestly say that it’s definitely the best trip we had so far. Everything was simply marvelous from the Flight Trips, Resort, Sites, Activities and Staffs. The experience left a mark in our heart that made us want to go back again when time and budget allows *samahan na rin ng destiny*.

How to get to El Nido Resorts : Miniloc Island Resorts.

It was unexpectedly easy getting there. We drove to Airswift Terminal which wasn’t really hard to locate. It was a a pleasant morning when we arrived. They offered a simple breakfast buffet which gave us an idea that we’ll definitely not starve through our trips. Time came and we boarded our plane and flew straight to LIO Airport El Nido. The travel wasn’t that long at all. A Jeepney  fetched us after getting off the plane. We were immediately brought to the luggage and refreshments area to rest a bit and grab a few bites. Our tour guide then introduced himself to us as he escorted us to where we’ll be riding a boat straight to Miniloc Island resort. The boat ride took about 45 minutes as i remember.

We we’re all excited as the resort came into our view. Smiles and good vibes greeted us as the staff sang a welcoming song. One of the staffs took us near the dining area to brief us about the place together with the Dos and Don’ts. I love the part about where she explained that we can’t take sands or shells to preserve the beauty of the place but we will definitely take home good memories and joys in our hearts. Who would complain not being able to bring home some sands after hearing those words right?

Eat, Eat and Eat! It really felt like they we’re trying to get us fat with the delicious choices of fresh dishes. We ate our fill and headed straight to the reception area so we can go into our room. It’s pretty fancy if you ask me.

We stayed at their Deluxe SeaView Room. The room has a magnetic card which serves as a key and to operate some electronics inside. The place is comfy since it’s air-conditioned. The bathroom is quite spacious and I love how they still offer hot shower because it’s quite cold at night. The view from our room is quite spectacular so it’s definitely 5/5 in my opinion.


Make sure to bring sunblock and hair conditioner for the ladies since some items in their shop is a bit pricey. Well you know how hard it is to transport goods so there’s really no complaining on that part. It’s good to be prepared right? Just in case you do plan on buying some souvenirs i would suggest going in to the mainland possibly by riding a boat going there either by tagging along with other tourist. Do that on the last day if possible so that  you can head straight to the airport after buying some less expensive goods.

We made a mistake on spending a little too much time in the room to rest a bit. We should have asked for a copy of the schedule of activities right after we ate or even upon arrival. The reason i said that it was a mistake is because we could have crossed out some activities already on our first day which could have given us more time to do other things on our 2nd and 3rd day. Included on our biggest regret is not being able to visit Lagen Resort. People often asked which is better? Miniloc Island Resort or Lagen Island Resort but to be honest you could just go for Miniloc and then have lunch in Lagen if you asked the staffs. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone. Unfortunately we missed the other bird haha. It’s all great though aside for that one thing.

Activity wise it felt like 3 days and 2 nights wasn’t enough time to do it all. We did a few snorkeling. No need to bring any equipment since they will provide that for you. Swimming with the Jacks was exciting, thrilling but most of all fun!  Kayaking was also a good deal as we visited different lagoons. We took a few boat rides for island hoping as we discovered different little paradises. Oh and did i forgot to mention we ate a lot?! Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner was all served through buffets! They really put in efforts to give you different choices each meal and each day.


Miniloc Island offered us a variety of activities within the site like: Table Tennis, Billiards and Badminton. They also have Soccer, Volleyball, Frisbee, Darts and a Kids Activity Center that we were not really able to try.


On our last night, we had a little drink at their mini bar as we waited for dinner to be served. They had a buy 1 get 1 promo during the afternoon and luckily the bar tender allowed us to reserve some drinks with the promo but we advised him that we’ll have it around 6pm, Cheers for the friendly staffs!


Alas the day came to leave but we’ve grown pretty attached to the place during our stay. It was an achy breaky heart moment as we set sail to the boat that will carry us back to Lio Airport and then back to AirSwift Terminal. I consider it a blessing to have experienced nature in one of the most beautiful way. We arrived to Miniloc Island Resort with smiles and excitement and left with even brighter smiles. I couldn’t help but still feel excited to the next possible arrival to this paradise we call El Nido Resorts Palawan, Miniloc Island Resorts~

Check this page for more details on how to book your trip or get some promotional packages: El Nido Resorts FB and El Nido Resorts Website


29 thoughts on “El Nido Palawan Miniloc or Lagen Island Resort

  1. I love El Nido resorts! Went to Apulit last year for a solo vacation and it was awesome! Planning to go to all 4 of their resorts within the next couple of years:) Glad to know that Miniloc is just as nice:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We could probably enjoy it even with just starring at the great view of the place. That’s kinda how good the El Nido is. You’re welcome and i hope you find it useful when you do get there.


  2. I didn’t know this place to be honest. But I love those paradise places. The crystal/azur water is something I love so much. Coming from South of France, our beach is not as clear as those places and it feels dirty to be honest. I also like the way your presented the post, with the pictures, from square to circle.

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  3. We would love to try El Nido resorts once we’ve gone to Europe or other countries I haven’t visited yet. With its price, you really should be having fun 🙂 Anyway, I heard that Miniloc island is a destination for family and friends. Meanwhile, Lagen island is for those who want to have their intimate weddings since it has a garden chapel and even a conference room. -Me-An Clemente

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    1. I know what you mean about the price. We probably wouldn’t dare spending that much at the moment. Good thing the trip was free. It was such a waste that we weren’t able to drop by at Lagen even though we could have visited the place when we stayed at Miniloc Island. Anyway just in case you want to check this out for their discounted rates till july 10: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1799413816954396&id=1525408121021635

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  4. This place looks like a paradise! I’ve never heard/read about this place in any trip advising pages. It looks so serene and beautiful;especially the clear water pic of you guys on the raft! Amazing!!!

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  5. Ay super nice daw diyan. Personally I have never been there, but here’s the thing, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter where, what does is if you truly appreciate the person you are with. Having said that, a beautiful place can certainly influence people towards that mindset 🙂

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  6. I have never been to El Nido but it’s next on my list! I’ve been to Coron and Puerto Prinsesa though. It’s good to know that you didn’t have a hard time getting there, at least I won’t have any excuse to visit in the future.


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