No Filipino Allowed in Pasay City

The day when Filipinos are deprived and discriminated in their own country has been brought to a whole new level. A Korean store in-front of the DFA forbids Filipinos from going inside the store as well as buying any sort of product even if you have the money.

Netizens went ablaze upon knowing about this certain store’s policies. Speculations about the store selling drugs even popped out as one possible reason for not accepting Filipinos in this establishment. The Korean woman said that only people with membership can enter and buy in the store. The Pinay woman asked if they can apply for a membership since they can afford it but the woman insisted that Filipino’s can NEVER go there as well as even apply for membership.

Is the Philippines being deprived in their own country little by little?


13 thoughts on “No Filipino Allowed in Pasay City

  1. I don’t understand why she’s not allowing filipinos to enter that store or whatever you call it. She could’ve atleast explain but no, she just said no and sorry all the time. The sad part is that Filipinos are being neglected on their own country. I’ve heard the same story somewhere but it’s a hotel, the owners were also Koreans. This is so sad, and it makes my blood rise at the same time.

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  2. My first reaction is this: I reserve my judgement until I know more. As for choosing the customers, much like the membership, exclusivity is nothing new. If you have the money, you are not even guaranteed memberships in prestigious establishments as you have to go through a screening process, for instance, in a sports club. As for any other activities, then yes, I agree that the local authorities must be mindful of any illegal activities, the same as any other establishments.

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  3. What kind of store it is? Is it a shopping center? Why are they doing this? There so many questions in mind. Well, we don’t have all the facts but definitely hearing this doesn’t sound real good to me.

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  4. After making a lot of Filipinos angry, what is the update now? Was there a follow-up? Or is there any attempt to get the side of the store owners in an objective way?


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