The Voice Kids PH 2016’s Top 3!


The show that says “Pangarap ang puhunan, Boses ang Labanan!” is about to come into the battle performance part of the show. It’s when the coaches prepare their men-tees to give everything they have into a spectacular performance. The goal is to outshine fellow competitors in a group of 3 kids while maintaining the harmony and blending of their singing.


I’m no expert in singing and probably can’t even sing even if it were to save my life haha! I’m saying this in advance as i’ve been disappointed on some of the recent chair turners. It feels like the coaches are just turning for the sake of being able to complete their list and that these new men-tees would just be food for their favorites to grow. That’s just me thinking but on the other hand i do admire these coaches giving these kids a chance to train and improve on their vocal skills. They are small but they definitely have big dreams.


Team Bamboo: Aiken

This kid sure got the charm as he sang Jeepney by Yeng Constantino. Clear voice, good pronunciation and nice rhythm. The dance move is something they’ll be working on but hey it’s a singing competition right?


Team Lea: Carmela

The small and cute 7 year old girl who have a high voice *not sure if the term is right, I did say i don’t know much about music* who made the coaches go awe with her version of Tomorrow by Lea Salonga.

Team Sharon: In order Antonette  Ian Joseph and Alvin

It’s a power house at the Mega Star’s team. It was suppose to be just a battle of the viral kids with Antonette and Alvin but Ian Joseph definitely won’t make it an easy fight. My head hurts just thinking these three kids going head to head at the battle performance. I really can’t decide which one to choose between these amazing kids but one of them definitely deserve a spot in the finals.

The Top 3 for the Voice Kids PH in my mind at the moment are these kids. Their the ones who i feel, have the biggest chance towards the finals.

How about you? Who will your vote go to?



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