Piso Fares Travel Madness Expo 2016

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This is the best time to book your flights whether you’re going for a solo adventure or a Barkada / Family trip. I’ll make this post short and sweet since time is of the essence. Hall 4 of SMX Convention Center – Mall of Asia is the place to go from 9:00am to 7:00pm. It’s a 3 day collaboration of BPI together with major airlines and travel agencies that will provide you with discounted flights and travel packages both local and international. Make haste since tomorrow July 10, 2016 is the last day to avail this promo.

Look at those happy smiles. We we’re suppose to sell our GC for Hotel Accomodatations in Boracay but this Travel Expo definitely came at the perfect timing.

I would suggest going there as early as 8:00am or possibly earlier to avoid the long line. We got there around 8 30 and the line outside already had around 100 people as an estimate. Good thing wifey had the perks of being able to enter early since her team handled BPI’s media campaign. I can say that She’s The Mom! The people in line most probably went to different booths but the one to really go to is Air Asia’s booth. There you’ll be able to find very good deals such as Piso Fares for round trip flights of Manila-Kalibo and vice versa. We actually availed that promo and guess what? We got two round trip fares for only 435 pesos and the best part is we got date during a weekend! ^_^ You can pay with cash or debit/credit cards. It’s too bad that we weren’t able to take a picture with the staff who assisted us because she was very nice. We were told to fill up a form and to only enter 3 dates that we would like to check but she went back and forth to find us the best deals available. Props to Air Asia for having such a good employee.

Booking Period: July 7 – 10, 2016 | Travel Period: July 11- November 30, 2016

Travel Period(Shanghai & Hong Kong) : July 11-October 29, 2016

Fly from MANILA to:    with Base Fare from:

Local Flights

~Cebu PHP 1.00

~Kalibo PHP 1.00

~Tagbilaran PHP 88.00

~Tacloban PHP 88.00

~Puerto Princesa PHP 88.00

~Davao PHP 615.00

International Flights

~Kota Kinabalu PHP 338.00

~Macau PHP 438.00

~Hong Kong PHP 538.00

~Shanghai PHP 888.00

~Kuala Lumpur PHP 1,338.00

~Incheon (Seoul) PHP 1,888.00

There are a lot of booths offering special packages and some discounted flights that you definitely shouldn’t miss. Go ahead and claim your Freedom to TRAVEL~


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