Google PageRank is Useless


It’s already 2016 and it’s still a big mystery why do PR (Public Relations) of different brands and companies still ask for this silly information. I’m fairly new to this blogging world but I’ve pretty much got the hang of some things to consider and checked when blogging. I know for a fact that Google PageRank isn’t one of them anymore since Dec 6, 2013 when Google announced that they have stopped updating their database for the said statistics. They also made it quite clear that they don’t have any plans of further updating it. A few months ago toolbars and sites that can check a website’s PageRank actually still works. It showed the previous ranks of sites from years ago. Manually checking it now though would give you an error result as it’s been completely scrapped by Google around April of this year.


Tested on FB a very popular site which around 4 years ago was on PageRank 9 but now it shows 0

You might ask why I’m posting this. It’s really for information and to educate some Brands and Company Public Relations. I noticed that whenever there’s an opportunity for bloggers (Old and New) to be recognized some PR still base their standards with this almost irrelevant stats. I’m not going to say that it’s completely irrelevant since i don’t want to disregard the efforts of some bloggers who did their best in the past. It’s not even an issue if they still want to have it on their blog as it’s a proof that at one point they have reached that far. Whether it’s in the Offline or Online world, I think it’s just fair how other bloggers gets treated. It’s probably just going to end up in a way how we deliver our contents and how much we get the word out. Let’s not steal the light of hope for some bloggers who’d like a chance to be a part of something big. I’ve read in some blogger groups in the past how some PR choose a blogger base on page rank and not by actually getting to know a blogger in terms of what and how they write. I even checked on some famous bloggers whom i admire but sadly for some reason their stats are even lowered compared to some not so new ones. I used other tools like Alexa to check and found out this shocking part. It could be the content that they’re sharing doesn’t spark interest on their readers like how  they used to.


I tested it on my page and wow to my surprise i finally have a rank at 7,363.697 place which is pretty bad by the way haha. It’s a surprise cause it used to be Unranked but after 5 days from my first post i’m satisfied with this for now.

I’ll be honest, I do have the intention of being able to attend events, do collaborations and be in the loop someday but at the moment all i’m doing is really more on just the fun part of being able to express myself and share what i know to possibly everyone. I can be quite competitive to the things i want and right now blogging is like one of the games i played in the past. It’s exciting, challenging  and most of all fun! I’ll just keep writing and saying what i have in mind. Gain some experience and Yes! You know the next word. “Level Up”

Happy Gaming, I mean Blogging to everyone.




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