Earn more and Travel more with TravelBook Affiliate Program

I wasn’t always the adventurous type of person. It’s all thanks to my wife who started the spark that lit up my passion for travelling. What can i say. Just thinking about all the preparation and the money needed to invest to make a trip successful was enough to make my head turn the other way. Spending time together with her proved that it’s worth all the effort though. A big realization in my married life. I do wish at times that there would be a less expensive and easier way to plan our trips especially the place where we’ll be staying into.

Most of us if not all would love to travel the world. Discover new places, try new delicacies and experience living the life. If only we have more resources to make this wish come true then I’m sure there won’t be a lot of strangers to the hidden beauty of our own country.


I recently found out about TravelBook.ph. It’s an online hotel booking service dedicated to provide you with options and choices of great value hotel booking for every Juan. This time and money saving website offers varied selection of Philippine hotels and resorts in our favorite destinations. Specifically in Baguio, Batangas, Bohol, Boracay, Cebu, Davao, Laguna, Metro Manila, Palawan, Pampanga, Tagaytay, Zambales and more!

They currently offer an affiliate program where you get the chance to earn while sharing your thoughts. I’ve already applied and got accepted and so far i don’t have any earnings yet but you never know.

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Update : I decided to take down their ads since it’s not quite working well with me and my site.


12 thoughts on “Earn more and Travel more with TravelBook Affiliate Program

  1. Hi. When I started seeing TravelBook, I decided to check it out. As much as I wanted to support the local industry, it’s just that the prices are a little more than what is being offered by the regulars I use including Agoda. However, at this time, one of the disadvantage of TravelBook may be its biggest advantage. Because most of the hotels are quite new or the lesser known ones, it offers people a chance to find a more suitable accommodation where all others may not do so.


  2. It’s good to know there are more and more booking options to choose from. I’ve actually stopped using affiliate links for travel because they were not in-line with what I blog about. Maybe I’ll try TravelBook as an alternative to my usual services, especially if I want to find newer options not available on competitor sites. Thanks for the in decor review.


  3. This is good news for travel bloggers and those who want to earn through affiliate marketing. It’s also good that there are new options for online bookings. It challenges providers to improve their services and rates. I’ll check this out also.


  4. I just checked the hotels that they offer in Panglao and the list is quite complete. The prices are approximately the same as the hotels offer with direct booking. I wonder how good is their customer support service? Are they as fast as booking.com?


  5. Sounds like a great opportunity for travel bloggers. Great that they have an affiliate program. And if it’s in line with what you want to write about, it’s okay. Always nice to learn more ways to travel / book accommodations. Hopefully it will stay very successful for you.


  6. That’s great to know about! I’m just getting started thinking about affiliate marketing and other things like that. So I am always happy to hear about a new one. I’m not based in the Philippines but I’m sure this is useful for bloggers who are!


  7. This really gives those who blog particularly those in the niche of travel to earn more. On the other hand, it also gives travellers to look for other means of searching for places to visit and what options they an use and where to stay!


  8. Surely, travel bloggers/enthusiasts will be ecstatic about this! They will surely love it. 🙂 Downside though is that I hope they’d offer rates that are fit for the Filipino budget.


  9. I have read about TravelBook before but I never really got around in trying out their services because their prices offered are quite higher than the most popular ones like Agoda and Airbnb. I just hope they try to lessen the prices so more customers would try out availing their services.


  10. I must admit that I do not get enough traffic that I should start earning through affiliate programs. But best of luck to you on your new venture. Let me know if you need my help in terms of clicking on the ads etc. Always ready to help.


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