God must be playing Pokemon Go with my Lola


She was always the shy one when it comes to cameras.

Today people rejoice that Pokemon Go officially becomes available in the Philippines. I however weeps in silence together with my family for losing one of the closest people in our heart. My grandma who’s 95 years old passed away.

A strong and brave woman who took care of countless people. Always with an open arm even if been done wrong. Kind and caring is an understatement for how much she has done for us. I know it must have been hard on her that our lolo passed away much too early and left her alone but she continued to stay strong.

I remember on her last birthday, she mentioned how nice and happy it was to have a big family. Tears are swelling in my eyes right now as i type these words. The fact is for the past years i regret not being able to visit her as much as i should. My lola lived a simple life. Whenever i got the chance to visit her she would always ask me how me and my family are doing. A smile on her cheek would always be seen.


Most of the time gifts for her becomes her gifts to other family member. 100, 50 or even 20 pesos was more than enough for her to jump in joy if she could. With that she can buy her favorite jollibee spaghetti though i bet she’s just saving most of it to give away instead.

Yesterday i felt bad seeing an elderly standing inside the train where i was sitting down because i was carrying my sleeping baby girl. I stood up and handed my girl to my wife cause i couldn’t stand seeing old people having a hard time.

When we got to the hospital, my lola’s eyes were closed already though we feel as if she’s still trying to see. I don’t really like drama when it’s happening right in front of me but knowing it could be the last day we see her breathing gave me enough reason to go and hold her hand. My hands were gently trying to feel the warmth of hers. I went close to her ears so she can hear me better. I told her that i’m finally there like i promised the night we talked on video chat. I thanked her for all the sacrifice, love and care. I said with a teary eye that it’s ok if she already wants to rest. I told her that i’ll be coming back tomorrow. I looked at her one last time before leaving. My wife and I noticed a bit of tear on her eye though it’s close. It makes me regret saying the part that we’ll be coming back because i guess she really wanted to rest and thought she couldn’t see us anymore.

I hate how hospital policies goes. I hate the price, i hate how they operate and i hate how Metropolitan has already taken two of the most memorable woman in my life. The first one was my Lola on my father’s side, Lola Letty. We brought them there to be saved but all they did as it looked was made things worst. Charging us with unreasonable amount of charges, very uncooperative in terms of making arrangement and even looked like they wanted to just earn money. We asked for help from PCSO which we luckily got approved. The hospital being uncooperative though even threatened us that we won’t be able to avail the 40,000 pesos deduction on our bill if we’re not going to allow them in the handling of our lola’s funeral. (something that we’re still clearing)

We drove home and went to sleep after grabbing a few bites. I don’t know what time i woke up when my wife said that my lola already passed away. I tried to continue to sleep with a tired body and heart. The 2 year old girl i was carrying inside the train woke me up for some reason. I couldn’t remember the rest of what she said but i clearly heard the part where she said ” Daddy lola is feeling better now”. I couldn’t help but ask her if lola was happy. My little girl replied “yeah”… I really hope that she’s now in the hand of God happily together with our lolo and the rest of our deceased family members. Lola Fing put up a great fight but i guess God also decided that it’s finally time. One thing i can say is that he definitely got himself a Legendary woman! I love you lola! May your soul rest in peace. Please watch over us.

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