Pokemon Go Tips: Unlimited Incense and Lucky Eggs


Pokemon Go has quickly taken over people’s habit of simply pressing buttons and are now out and about as they try to be the very best that no one ever was~ This addicting mobile app that uses AR (augmented reality) has taken mobile gaming into the next level as it encourages players to visit various places where you can hunt pokemon, drop by pokestops to gather items and test you skills in battles at a Gym.

Hunting pokemon seems easy enough especially if you’re in places like malls or places with statues, landmarks etc… Let me tell you something that can make your quest a bit easier and maximize your time and resources.

There’s a method to increase your speed in leveling up and capturing more pokemons through having unlimited access to Lucky Eggs and Incense. It works both for android and iOS so hooray for that! I’m not that into cheating and all but I love to explore some tweaking that wouldn’t really be enough reason to get banned. This method is probably already known to many and will mostly likely be updated in the future so enjoy it while it last.

Unlimited Lucky Eggs and Incense

First Step: You have to already posses a Lucky Egg, that doubles your XP gain for the next half an hour. The same thing with your Incense if that’s what you’re planning to use. It’s up to you whether you want to use both at the same time or just one at a time.

Second Step: Right after you’ve use those items, just leave Pokemon GO running then go to your settings app which is both for Android and iOS. Find the date and time settings.

Third Step: Make sure to switch off the option “set the time and date automatically”

Fourth Step: Set the time back on your device by 30 minutes. NOTE!: Do not set the time back any further than 30 minutes! You’ll get more time to use Lucky Egg and Incense if you do this right.

Fifth Step: Simply go back to the Pokemon GO app and you’ll see that the time left has now been increased for 30 more minutes which we did on the fourth step.

That’s all there is to it! Have fun capturing monsters, gaining experience and leveling up!

Please comment and share other information and tips about the game that you’d like to add. Was this post helpful? Leave a comment.


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