Play Pokemon GO Without Walking On Your Computer


It’s bound to happen sooner or later that i’ll be lazy AF even though there’s a Poke gym inside our room and a poke stop in our gate. A minute or two walk to get some pokeballs and other essential items at the Pokestop proved to be somewhat a pain especially when it’s raining.

I asked myself “there’s got to be another way to play Pokemon GO without actually walking”. I know, I know i’ll probably gain more weight and this really beats the game’s gameplay which encourages players to go out, get a bit of exercise and have fun.

Now since you’re lazy and a cheater like me then i’m sure you’ll continue reading haha. “Before we continue let’s acknowledge a full disclosure that this is against Niantic’s terms of use of the game so use at your own risk. Any loss of data, ban or other recourse taken by Niantic as a consequence of this process is solely the responsibility of the player.”

How to Play Pokémon GO On Your Computer?

1 Download this free software called BlueStacks and install it on your computer. BlueStacks is an emulator that allows you to install android apps and games for mobile and tablets on your computer.

2 Once installed, Download the latest version of Pokémon GO apk.

3 Once downloaded, click the icon “Install Apk” on the left side toolbar of BlueStacks.

4 After installing, click the location/ map icon on the left side toolbar of BlueStacks. You can click on the map near your location or search another place where you want your character to be at.

5 Open Pokémon GO and have fun! You don’t have to move your computer from one place to another like in your mobile devices. You can just use W,A,S,D keys on your keyboard to move around on map.


Here’s my character in a mall in our country while i sit in front of a computer drinking coffee. *Yes Fat Ass*

Pokémon GO tips to make sure it works

Getting no GPS location?

In Bluestakcs, click “In BlueStacks, click Settings -> Location -> Mode: High Accuracy (Instead of “Device Only” which is default)”

Pokestop not Giving Items?

It’s possible that you’ve been softbanned for travelling to far away places with so little time interval. Give it a few minutes and it should be back again.

You can travel the world!

Fake GPS basically let’s you travel the world with your character in game to catch pokemons but i wouldn’t really advice transferring to very far away places or country in such a short time.

That’s it! Be the best cheater there ever was~ Just don’t do anything crazy to avoid getting your bum banned~

Do you have any questions? Leave a comment. 😀


2 thoughts on “Play Pokemon GO Without Walking On Your Computer

  1. Wow I wouldn’t have thought of this haha. I’m not playing Pokemon Go, but If you wouldn’t want to play it on your phone, or don’t want to walk all the time this is an excellent way!


  2. Honestly, this has become such a hype:)
    I just read about a person who’s caught aap goods Pokemon I’m US, now given a world tour to catch the rest… I’m not much into games and this probably may be the reason for lack of understanding and interest:)
    But your method above is definitely going to save people from walking around looking into their phones and meeting with accidents!


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