Confession of A Promonatic



Internet used to be just a way for me to connect to people and play games but that all changed when time by time my wife receives random deliveries may it be from other bloggers or different companies. It got me curious and asked her what’s going on. That’s when i knew that she’s been joining some promos online. Just hearing the word raffle or promo was enough to make me cringe and would instantly utter the words ” I have no luck”. But that all changed when i mustered enough courage to try and join a promo. Read on for my Winning Story.

My #WinningStory started when i won a piece of soap from an online promo. Yes, a piece of soap. I was thankful nevertheless as it gave me a clean start in my way of thinking that online promos are fake. The excitement of joining and cravings for winning made me exert extra efforts. My free time used to browse online turned into free stuff. The prizes got bigger and the days got brighter. Who knew a single soap would be followed by tons of products, assorted gift packs, lovely gift certificates, adventure trips, cool gadgets and even cash! It’s not as lucky as what most people think. I had more loses than winnings. The heartbreaks from losing is worth it though once you see your name attached to the word “Congratulations”

The best part about all these is being able to share our blessings to everyone. My family loves the freebies; however, there was a time when unexpected prizes became a challenge in terms of where to place it, who to give it to or simply what to do with it. Baguio would be the answer if it was a question of where do broken hearts go as quoted from a movie. I thought I was running out of luck as winning became scarce. That’s when my wife introduced me to OLX which she knew way back from SULIT. It seems like lady luck was smiling down on us as if wanting to make us feel like winners again by means of selling some of our prizes through the said platform.

I met different kinds of people and reached places I’ve never set foot into. Some of the memorable transactions I had: After just 2 days of the ad being posted, A mountain bike was sold to a guy wanting to lose some weight by being a cyclist, A Morley Wah Pedal was also sold to an aspiring musician who’s been looking for it for weeks in different branches that didn’t have it in stock, There was also a friendly chef who bought my Timex Ironman watch which he will give as a present to his graduating younger brother and one of the most memorable negotiations i had was when a toy car collector bought my limited edition car figurine the same day I posted at OLX! Imagine how fast and easy people (including me) got exactly what they wanted. Truly with OLX we can all #WinTogether

OLX ever since has been our go to place when were in need of cash or simply have something that we believe could be more useful for other people. How about you? Have you ever sold anything through OLX? Leave a comment~


11 thoughts on “Confession of A Promonatic

  1. Well,what do yu do with thngs you do not need or use? Sell it of course! I’d say on the side, this is one of the thngs bloggers can do, join promos and contest. It depends really on h W one wants to approach a blog. I also know of some who maintain two or more blogs for different niches.


  2. I have tried browsing OLX before. My husband bought a few things there years ago for our condo that we rent out. Recently, I learned from a mom in a Facebook group I am a part of that they get their maids through it too. I have yet to try!


  3. No buying OR selling experience of my own, through OLX yet; but I know my friends have had some of the best deals through this portal… but your start off with apiece of soap was indeed a clean start 🙂 I have never had the guts to take part in any promos so far, thinking, just like you, they’re fake.. but this gives me the motivation 🙂


  4. Around here, OLX is our garage sales. I’ve bought stuff from OLX and I’ve sold stuff to people on OLX. I liked the (unintended?) pun you did with the soap and the clean start. Hehe
    Although I never joined promotions or something like that, I’ve joined a few contests and won books, CDs, and stuff like that, which was great. I’m definitely not a promonatic, but I can definitely see why anyone would be one.


  5. Who doesn’t love promos? I totally love them too. Especially, if there’s something there that I really like and more so if it is free. Right? Just yesterday, Powermac had as high as 90% off sale at SM Megatrade Hall. I looked around and everything was discounted. I was lucky enough to line up early there and had an online pre-registration the night before. By 12pm I was bringing home a 55% off Bluetooth Speaker from TDK. And I Love it! Thanks to promos like that!


  6. Havent tried OLX but have plans to. I find too many things in our house that i need to dispose of but does not have the heart to do so. But many attest of its fast and easy transaction. Might try it first as a buyer before I sell something online.


  7. This reminds me a lot of my friend who started out as a promonatic who is now a blogger and a full-time online freelancer. You know, things change from time to time and our interest in things change too. Good thing that you find online promos not bad. There are people who find it a waste of time but nonetheless, it doesn’t matter for those who find blessing from it.


  8. I used to be a promonatic as well! I would jump into rafflecopters, share this and that on instagram, etc. It takes a lot of effort but when you win it’s all worth it! I think my first online raffle win was a pack of SkinWhite merch, and my strategy then was join all of the blogs who are running the same contest, I ended up winning 3 times! I didn’t know what to do with all the lotions haha


  9. I tried olx bfore and got what I wanted from it and hassle free transaction as well with the person I contacted before. I just started blogging and joining writing contest as well. I have an ongoing with a travel affiliation and hope to win it.


  10. Awesome! I sell my old stuff to on olx or on different Facebook selling groups. I myself also joined a handful of blogging contests. Still haven’t won anything though. Haha


  11. Online promotions are great to find items for a great price.And,of course we can sell online too,even the second hand items for a bargain price.It is interesting to see how you win items through online contests!


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