SM’s Alleged Scam On Sale

Let’s all admit. The thought of the word “SALE” is enough to convince us to buy even when we don’t need a certain item. I believe most of us don’t even bother checking whether the item we bought were truly on sale right?

I can’t say the same to Sheng Chi. A lady who took to Facebook her dismay to an incident from the said mall. On her post explains how she bought an item that’s supposedly on sale but ended up being a scam. The original tag price showing 399.75 pesos was replaced with a yellow tag that says 500.00 pesos (original retail price 999)!

The said post as of now already have almost 10,000 shares and is getting shocking responses from netizens.


FB Post of Sheng Chi

Who else will try this on their next sale haul? Definitely me!


3 thoughts on “SM’s Alleged Scam On Sale

  1. That is why kapag sinasabing sale, e hindi naman laging totoo. Mas okay pa nga kung ang binebenta ay mga for inventory clearing, kung baga, mga hindi masyadong mabenta, binabagsak na lang ang prices para maubos na. Pero kasi ang ginagawa ng iba nga, tinataasan ang retail pricing para kunwari malaki ang discounts.

    Matagal na iyang style na iyan. Kaya it is good na merong nagshare para din naman matuto ang mga buyers. Kung tutuusin, ang me kasalanan din naman e buyers eh. Swapang sa mura/sale. Hehe. Kailangang maging smart buyers.


  2. Ugh, this is the reason why I don’t bother with Sales. Most items there have been in stock for so long and just aren’t selling well. They pretend it’s on Sale just to attract customers who wouldn’t have wanted those items in their “regular” price, but since it’s Sale, they think it’s worth the money this time around. While this hasn’t happened to me before, I’d feel sad for people who have. Kainis kaya ‘to! Mapanlinlang para lang mabentahan. Tsk.


  3. I have read issues like this before but really have not checked myself. Mostly kasi when I buy something it’s always on sale so I can not differentiate the price. Maybe this happens during big sale events. Will do check next time to make sure it’s not a scam.


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